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Rapid And Healthy Weight Loss Plan: I lost 80 Pounds In 4 Months! Read On To Learn Ways To Lose Weight And How I Went From Obese To Athletic!!

Hello, my name is Don, and welcome to my website. I spent years listening to the mainstream media about ways to lose weight and weight loss plans and none of it worked. Back in November 2006, I started on a weight loss journey, implementing a healthy weight loss plan based on several months of intensive research. I was blown away by my results of my weight loss plan. I lost not 20, not 40, not even 60; my healthy weight loss plan allowed me to lose 80 pounds in a four month period! Please read on for ways to lose weight and weight loss plans!

I looked like this then I found effective ways to lose weight and had a rapid and healthy weight loss.
Yep, this was me at 240, trying all sorts of ineffective weight loss plans and other ways to lose weight!
I transformed into this after I learned effective ways to lose weight!
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Thanks BFFM & TT for showing me weight loss plans and other wasys to lose weight that gave me this body!!

I'm just chilling out in the sun, enjoying my new 8.9% body fat physique. Thank you BFFM and TT for giving me this new body! Thank you, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, for showing me how I can eat my desserts and still keep this body!
Like you, I was overweight for years, to the point of being medically obese. I also, like you, looked for ways to lose weight that would actually get me a healthy weight loss. I followed the "advice" dispensed by popular publications, most of what is seen cannot even be dignified as advice! Simply politically-correct, feel good garbage that sounds very pleasant, but offers no practical ways to lose weight or any weight loss plans.

I looked to the weight loss industry, but they are an industry that thrives on failure! If they did come out with a miracle diet pill, effective ways to lose weight, or real weight loss plans, they would lose repeat customers and business would nose dive! Therefore the weight loss industry has no real incentive to find working solutions. But we all know or know of people who successfully lost and kept off weight. I was not asking for the impossible!

So, in June of 2006, starting at 240 pounds, I decided I was going to enroll at a gym and finally get to a healthy weight.
Losing weight was rewarding! Thanks again Turbulence Training and Burn the Fat for giving me the body that brings sexy women to my life!
For people who are aggressive about their weight loss, TT simply rocks!!
Found an old pants of mine - here's a comparision
This was the book that set me on the right path of ways to lose weight and weight loss plans
Yes this really is Tom at 3.7 % body fat!


Tom Venuto, author of BFFM @ 3.7% body fat!
Learn how to eat desserts and lose weight - learn how to enjoy restaurants guilt-free!

One of many rewards of weight loss; thanks again TT and BFFM for such a sweet reward!!
Well, after about three months of pathetic results, I had enough. Clearly I needed real knowledge on ways to lose weight, or at the very least find effective weight loss plans. I decided to step back and do my own research. Very early on, I discovered bodybuilders were very good at becoming lean in a short period; they clearly know powerful ways to lose weight and they have highly effective weight loss plans. I therefore wanted to learn what bodybuilders know, but was intimidated by them, thanks in part to the negative stereotypes the popular media loves to portray. The same media that dispenses worthless weight loss advice.

Fortunately, I stumbled on a book by Tom Venuto, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle(BFFM). Far from intimidating, he is very down to earth, and the book is very well written filled with ways to lose weight that actually work. I was having aha moments constantly. BFFM is still my "bible" for fitness and healthy living. Using BFFM, I created my own weight loss plan, which I executed starting November of 2006. The results blew me away; I started off losing 6 pounds per week, for six weeks. Though the rate slowed, I continued to lose weight until in March of 2007 I reached 160, having lost 80 pounds in 4 months!

I continue to research ways to lose weight, and took and interest in Fat Loss 4 Idiots. This program focuses on eating, and they showed me how I can still enjoy my desserts and not be anti-social and join my friends at restaurants, while still losing weight and staying slim. Recently, I came across Turbulence Training (TT), and Craig Ballantyne's highly aggressive approach to fat loss appeals to me. It was BFFM that helped me lose a lot of weight, but it was TT that got me to 8.9% body fat. His program is designed to be quick but powerful, and can be done entirely at home. Perfect for those of you with very busy schedules but still want to lose weight or get in shape!

I succeeded because I found effective ways to lose weight and acted on that knowledge by creating a weight loss plan. You must do the same - the longer we wait, the harder it becomes, and the greater risk to our health obesity becomes. If you finally want to get control over your weight, you must act today. Remember, this is not about appearances; being overweight or obese carries serious health risks that can be drastically reduced by experiencing a healthy weight loss! But the longer you wait, it becomes more and more difficult to have a healthy weight loss! So for your health's sake, start today!

I also will continue to check out new and existing books, weight loss plans, and supplements, as well as keeping up with fitness and medical news, and updating my website. Continue to check back for ways to lose weight.
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