You know what its like, you get fed up with your weight situation, you want to do something about it, but you need weight loss motivation. Or, you get motivated for a few days, make some helpful changes, then a week later you quit. I know I have been there, more times then I care to count, gained and loss my weight loss motivation often. It follows then that you must develop the right attitude and part of that can be found in your own weight loss motivation. How did I get my personal weight loss motivation? A question I am often asked and a question I will answer. First realization I discovered is I was trying to lose my weight for all the wrong reasons! I was trying because my then-wife was nagging me, or, another weight loss motivation I had was because our culture loves thin. Those weight loss motivations were external reasons and they can only have a temporary effect on motivation and drive. Any sustainable weight loss motivation must come from within. The only motivation that would keep me sticking to any weight loss plan was the fact I need to change for my own reasons. In short, the only valid reason for me to lose my weight is to lose it for myself. Once I had that epiphany all I needed to do was draw out and inspire my own, personal weight loss motivation and subsequently the sustained willpower within me. How did I do that? With the plenty of self help materials out there. I started with Brian Tracy's CD Psychology of Achievement. His basis is that high-achievers have a certain psychology and we can change our psychology to that mindset, and he gives practical exercises we can do. I also read Dr. Maxwell Maltz Psychocybernetics <click here>, who approaches "mental reprogramming" the way we would reprogram a computer. Psychocybernetics has many very easy to execute mental activities and exercises that changed my mindset in positive ways that went way beyond weight loss. What has kept me inspired and motivated over the last ten months was a program I enrolled in called M-Power. Created by a team of high achievers, M-Power inspires you to change in all aspects of your life, not simply your health and fitness. The weekly audio lessons keep me driven to improve upon health, financial, and my relationships with other people. I also worked with an "e-coach" and together we addressed the various issues that were holding me back and worked on plans to address that. Check them out and read all the testimonials!
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As you can see, once you know where to look - and then act - getting the motivation to take control of your weight is not difficult. I have showed you where you can bring out the desire and inspiration that already exists inside you, now you must take the first steps. Fire up your own weight loss motivation and begin to enjoy your personal triumph!